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Neenah JetPro SofStretch Transfer Paper A4 & A3 Size (Light Paper)

RM 33.00

This transfer paper can  be cut by cutter/plotter into any shape.

This inkjet opaque  transfer paper Neenah JetPro SofStretch (Light Paper), made in USA, is designed  for transferring inkjet images to dark or other colored garments and  substrates. This product offers a softer hand, and contains an opaque layer  that allows for photo quality images to be transferred, best used for transferring images that contain white onto dark garments.


  • Soft "hand" feel, stretchable
  • Printed with any inkjet printer
  • Substrates include: T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, puzzles, and leather goods
  • Excellent washability and durability
  • Can be cut with a cutter/plotter like Cameo, Graphtec, die and kiss-cut

Heat Transfer Setting:

Time: 190C

Pressure: Medium

Time: 30s

 A4 Size:
 10 Sheets RM 33 - RM 3.3/Sheet
 50 Sheets RM 160 - RM 3.2/Sheet
 100 Sheets RM 300 - RM 3.0/Sheet
 200 Sheets RM 580 - RM 2.9/ Sheet

 A3 Size
 10 Sheets RM 66 - RM 6.6/Sheet
 50 Sheets RM 300 - RM 6.0/Sheet
 100 Sheets RM 580 - RM 5.8/Sheet

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