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POTM: Fulry Korea Sublimation Ink CMYK,LC,LM

RM 41.00 RM 5,500.00

Colors: Cyan(C), Magenta(M), Yellow(Y), Black(B), Light Cyan(LC), Light Magenta(LM)

Suitable Printer: EPSON 7908/9908/7910/9910/1390/R2000/T60/L210/L310/L800/L1300/L1800 and others inkjet printer

Currently local ink mostly has few problems:
1. Printhead get clog easily
2. Color not consistent
3. Fade easily
4. Ink line not smooth, wasted a lot ink for head cleaning

Fulry Korea Sublimation Ink 

1. Good nozzle.

2. Consistent Color. Mostly ICC profile is not needed to get the true color. 

3. Printhead will always in good condition. Seldom cleaning has to make.


RM 55/Bottle

RM 210 for 4 Colors CMYK

RM 310 for 6 Colors CMYK,LC,LM

Each Bottle with 100ml

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